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Thefanboyseo.com’s Top 10 Shopee Item Wishlist

Today, let me dream. And in the local parlance, “asa”. Because there’s nothing wrong with dreaming as long as you go about it the right way and you use Shopee while you’re at it.

10. ASUS ROG Series S7VM7700 – Php138,382.00

Why would I want a P100k gaming laptop? Because it would be great to stream games, because PC master race and because there’s a lot of things you can do with a really high end laptop. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s bragging rights. Dali na, don’t be shy, let’s all admit that there’s a small hint of pride when you have these baby.

9. Samsung Galaxy S9

There’s so many things in this website written about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. You can actually read it HERE, and HERE and HERE. So its pretty much a good deal to get this phone away from the hustle and bustle of brick-and-mortar stores and from all those pesky lines in the malls. Depending on where you buy the S9 or S9 plus, you may even get the chance to bring it home for a lower price with all the same warranties and some freebies to boot.

8. Dyson AM07 Tower Air Multiplier™ Black/Nickel – ₱26,550.00

Why would I want this type of fan? Three reasons outside of it being expensive. It’s bladeless yet cool. Dude you gotta try out just how strong the wind is when you turn on a Dyson fan. Secondly, since it doesn’t have a fan perse, you don’t have to disassemble this from time to time to clean the blades. Thirdly, it looks damn cool.

7. Haier LE50B8500 50″ FHD Digital LED Television – ₱35,298.00

So why didn’t I pick out a massive 4K Ultra HD TV? Well, for one, a 50-incher in the master’s bedroom is a statement in itself. I’d rather have that aforementioned Ultra HD 4K Curved TV in the living room. I want to keep it “simple” for the bedroom. And there’s no sexual innuendo there. I really like to keep things chill and not too “loud” so to speak.

6. JXD 512V Drone – ₱3,250.00

Every kid and grownup wants a drone. I believe that it’s inherent for people to want to have a drone in their place at least once in their lifetime. So I’m definitely adding this to the list. Also, since it’s small it’d hardly be a nuisance for other people especially if you live in a compound or an apartment setting.

5. Perfect Grade Gundam 00 – Php12,000

You know what, 00 is a place filler. I’d like to have the original, Lolo Gundam, RX-72 in Perfect Grade format, that way I can recreate that now-classic scene from Ready Player One where the Gundam makes an appearance and kicks Mecha-Godzilla’s ass.

4. Figma Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi and actually any Figma figure is worth every penny you spend on it. There’s just great craftsmanship and Japanese ingenuity. Kill La Kill’s main protagonist, Ryuko Matoi isn’t just a cute face with almost nothing to wear. She’s got some tremendous power and a giant scissor too. If that doesn’t spell badass then nothing will.

3. Kancolle Kongo: Half-Damage ver.1/7

2. Nintendo Switch Neon Blue Red Joy-Con +Super Bomberman Game – ₱23,995.00

I admit, I want one, I still don’t have one. And I badly want to play Breathe of the Wild.

1. Sony Playstation 4 Pro and Tekken 7 – ₱24,590.00

If I were to buy something to Shopee like ASAP, its got to be a Tekken 7 bundle with a PS4 Pro. I’ve got this nagging feeling that my future lies in playing Tekken 7 on a professional level. Getting this would be the start on the proper direction.

So there you go, my top 10 wishlist. Don’t forget to follow Shopee on social media Facebook @ShoppePH,Twitter @ShopeePH and Instagram

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