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Evil, Alternate Reality Tommy aka Lord Drakkon Getting his Own Legacy Figure

This week marks the beginning of the new Power Rangers crossover Shattered Grid and to celebrate that event, we take a look at the main baddie for the crossover, Lord Drakkon aka the evil, alternate reality Tommy Oliver in his Power Rangers Legacy action figure debut.

The Power Rangers Legacy Lord Drakkon figure stands at approximately 6 inches and comes with multiple points of articulation (pretty much the same for other PR Legacy figures). The difference between this and the other Legacy action figures is that it’s exclusively available at Power Morphicon which happens August.

You can still pre-order to ensure that you getone whether or not you’re attending the convenion in the US. If not then , you’ll just have to pray that they don’t run out. Check out the photos for the Lord Drakkon action figure below.

Power Rangers Legacy Lord Drakkon 2018 Power Morphicon Exclusive Figure

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