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The Real Origin of Voyager – Avengers # 684

Called it. The “secret” Avenger Voyager who made her reappearance in Avengers # 675, has finally revealed who she really is and its a twist that’s not surprising at all. Here’s how the real origin of Voyager was revealed in this week’s Avengers # 684 by Mark Waid, Jim Zub and Al Ewing with art by Paco Medina.

So to catch up, last issue, we see the return of Edwin Jarvis to good health thanks to Beast and Nadia Pym aka Unstoppable Wasp.

Its also confirmed by Jarvis, the very heart and soul of the Avengers that Voyager was never an Avenger like what she claimed she was when this all began.

And then she escapes the hospital with the pyramoid in hand.

In this issue, which mostly takes place in the Auxiliary Avengers HQ, Valerie Vector aka Voyager teleports out of nowhere to the surprise of her “team”.

Her skin’s blue and she brought along the fifth pyramoid that the Black Order and the Lethal Legion had been fighting over since the start of the No Surrender storyline.

She enters a vault inside the HQ because she knows just who is coming for the pyramoid and she thinks it would be a good idea to hide out there.

While in the secured vault, hiding from the Immortal Hulk, we get the real origin of Voyager who is revealed to be the daughter of the elder known as the Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast).

She also confirms that there is actually a Doctor Vector and she ran with the idea that he had a daughter who later became an Avenger but got lost in one of the team’s early missions.

It’s also revealed in Avengers # 684 that Voyager was actually working her father to ensure that the returning elder and former Grandmaster, now calling himself the Challenger loses the game they are currently playing.

To her, it mattered that her father wins not only because of her name and powers being on the line. It also had to do with what happens after because as she reveals in her monologue, she always gets the spoils from her blue dad.

So since she’s not really from Earth or a founding member of the Avengers, how did she get all the intel?

In Avengers # 683 we get that anwer. Since we already know the real origin of Voyager, we also find out that she placed a bacteria inside Jarvis’ system to give her all the information she would need.

This bacteria or organism pretty much gave all the information about the Avengers that Voyager would need to make them believe that she was one of them.

We’ll see more of this unfold next week as well as the fate of the returned Bruce Banner who was brought back by the Challenger.

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