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Batman # 42 Spoilers – Batman KOs Superman Again, Catwoman Beats the Three Flashes

Batman # 42 is out this week and we get to see a lot of cool moments. The issue was written by Tom King and Mikel Janin and features Batman KOs Superman as well as Catwoman beating The Flash and the two Kid Flashes.

This whole “you and me against the world” works wonderfully putting in the dynamics of Catwoman and Batman. Not only do we see just how powerful Poison Ivy has become , it also gives us a peek as to how Ivy has drastically changed the world since she took over. But of course, that’s not enough to stop the soon-to-be-married couple from finding a way to bring down Pamela Isley and return the world to what it was.

So Batman # 42 opens with Batman and Catwoman leaving the Wayne Manor in search of something, and Ivy has Superman tail them as they go places in Gotham City.

They even grab something to eat at that Batman-themed joint.

We find out that the two are looking for a specific person. A person that ultimately suffers because of what Ivy’s done to the world. But the two need some time alone so Batman KOs Superman once more.




The next panel we see an unconscious Superman plummeting to the ground while Batman and Catwoman continue to walk away.


Batman also knows just like from last issue that Ivy will next send The Flash or the Flashes to take care of them.

Catwoman kicks all the Flashes’ asses

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Go pick up Batman # 42 now

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