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Wolverine Versus Hydro-Man in Marvel Two-in-One Post Credit

Wolverine’s not only back from the dead and carrying an infinity stone but he’s also popping up in different books on a weekly basis. Last week’s Avengers # 680 featured the clawed mutant in Peru after the Avengers vs Black Order vs Lethal Legion flight. And also from last week, he was spotted in the post credit page of Marvel Two-in-One # 3.

Spoilers ahead.

In this issue Hercules brings the fantastic duo of Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm aka Human Torch to meet an acquaintance who can restore Johnny’s fading powers.

This could have been done easily if not for the fact that Reed Richards and his entire family has disappeared into the multiverse after the events of Secret Wars.

Now they have to rely on other people to help solve their problem. Thing is, when they meet up with Rachna, she was dealing with another client… The villain known as Hydro-Man.

A battle ensues and Hydro-Man ends up escaping via the toilet. When he resurfaces, we see him approach a campfire which happens to have a famous mutant who was recently encased in an Adamantium tomb.

We never find out what happens to Hydro-Man aftereards but I’m pretty sure he got messed up pretty bad.

We’ll be seeing more of Logan in the four part Hunt for Wolverine books spearheaded by Charles Soule as well as a new Infinity story called Infinity Countdown to deal with Logan being the current keeper of the Space gem.

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