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Ronda Rousey Makes a Splash at WWE’s Royal Rumble 2018

Former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey has officially made a BIG splash in this week’s Royal Rumble 2018 PPV much to the delight of the crowd.

Rousey made an appearance towards the tail end of the Women’s Division segment upstaging Royal Rumble 2018 winner, the Empress of Tommorrow, Asuka. Asuka was the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble winner and was slated to choose either to go for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship (held by Alexa Bliss) or the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship title held by Charlotte Flair.

Watch the encounter from yesterday.


Here’s the video from WWE

This isn’t the first time Rousey got involved with the WWE. In Wrestlemania 31, she made a special appearance and even teamed up with her Fast and Furious 7 co-star Dwayne Johnson in a segment.

And I remember just going wow with what she was wearing when she layeth the smacketh down on HHH and Stephanie McMahon…

And now there are new rumors suggesting that Ronda’s first big match would be in Wrestlemania 34 in a mixed tag match against HHH and Stephanie McMahon again. Rumors go further and state that Rousey can pick any WWE Superstar as a partner for this event.

Here’s to hoping we revisit the Rock/ Ronda team-up…

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