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Marvel Reveals the Roster for Marvel Young Guns 2018

Marvel has officially revealed the artists that have joined their talent hyping machine known as the Marvel Young Guns 2018.

Comicbook.com reports that the 2018 class of Marvel Young guns are Pepe Larraz, artist on Avengers: No Surrender, Javier Garron, artist on a secret upcoming project, Marco Checchetto, artist on Old Man Hawkeye, Aaron Kuder, artist on Infinity Countdown, Mike Del Mundo, artist on a secret upcoming project, and Russell Dauterman, artist on Mighty Thor.

Old Man Hawkeye

Old man hawkeye checchetto

Infinity Countdown

Mighty Thor

What we know so far is that the Marvel Young Guns 2018 will have a special limited variants for six new books which will include:

  • Avengers #678

Avengers # 678 by Russell Dauterman

  • X-Men Red #1

X-Men Red # 1 by Pepe Larraz

  • Marvel Two-in-One #3

Marvel Two-in-One #3 – Mike Del Mundo

  • Doctor Strange: Damnation #1

Doctor Strange: Damnation #1 – Javier Garron (and Jason Keith)

  • Black Panther #170

Black Panther #170 – Marco Checcetto

  • Amazing Spider-Man #797

Amazing Spider-Man #797 – Aaron Kuder (and Jason Keith)

According to reports these variants will be sold to select retailers through various distributors such as Televisa in Mexico and Panini in Europe, Russia, South America and other markets.

The first batch of Young Guns and featured rising star artists including now-big names like Jim Cheung, Steve McNiven, Leinil Yu, Daniel Acuña, David Marquez, and Sara Pichelli.

 C.B. Cebulski, the new editor-in-chief for Marvel says:

“I still clearly remember the launch of Marvel’s original Young Guns campaign over a decade ago, crafted as an innovative way to recognize and promote the upcoming artists we believed in – and knew would one day be superstars! From its inception, Young Guns has always been about living up to Marvel’s long legacy of identifying and hiring unique and groundbreaking talent to give our fans the best looking comics on the stands. And here we go again! Introducing the class of 2018, six artists poised for greatness, whose art will grace the pages of some of the coolest comics of the year!”

The exclusive Marvel Young Guns 2018 variant covers will begin appearing in select stores on January 31st.

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