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Enzo Amore Released by WWE and thats not the savage part

Controversial pro-wrestler Enzo Amore has been released by the WWE after allegations of sexual assault surfaced by a woman in Phoenix, Arizona.

But thats not the savage part. Before the announcement that he was no longer a part of the WWE, Amore was first announced as a “suspended” superstar.

Not less than 24 hours later, he’s unemployed, again because of the nature of his case. Or maybe there’s something deeper there we don’t know about.

And yet still, that’s not the savage part. That part happens with the way they announced Enzo Amore’s firing.

The announcement on WWE.com about the firing looked like a regular announcement we’re all familiar with. Then scroll down and this happens.

That was it! Nothing follows. I had to do a double take and reload the page a few times to wait for additional words or anything but that was just that.

Its like getting kicked out of the bus (by Roman Reigns) and then only hearing the words “bye”.

To add more context, usually, the website would put in something like “we wish you the best in your future endeavors”. In this case, there was nothing.

More on the story as it developed.

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