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Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Lee Announced for Action Comics # 1000

DC Comics has officially revealed that superstar artist Jim Lee will be teaming up with the publisher’s newest acquisition, Brian Michael Bendis for Action Comics # 1000.

We’ve already established the rumor that Bendis would be doing a Superman book but that news had a different creative team. It seems like its partly true anyway.

No other details have been revealed about the Action Comics # 1000 pairing. What we do know is that the issue will be an over-sized, celebratory issue written by the man who famously killed off Superman in 90s, Dan Jurgens. The writer is also currently doing the story of Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jonathan Kent in Action Comics where he recently met up with his biologoical father, Jor-El aka Mr. Oz.

Action Comics # 1000 will also feature another story featuring Superman creative team of Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. DC Comics will also release a special Action Comics # 1000: 80 Years of Superman which will be a hardcover version and comes clocking in with 300 pages including reprinted stuff from other “anniversary” Superman issues.

action comics # 1000

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