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Marvel Reveals Alternate Spider-Man Civil War Costume that Resembles the Ben Reilly Costume

So it looks like there was a different design going around the heads of Marvel execs around the time they were producing Captain America: Civil War and was looking for a look for Spider-Man. Here’s a sample costume design which starkly resembles that of Spider-Man’s clone Ben Reilly back when he was running around as Spidey.

Marvel Exec Ryan Meinerding shared a couple of stuff we can now consider “declassified” with the release of the movies they were involved in. In this case, it was Spider-Man and his appearance during “Captain America: Civil War”.

Of course we know that that design never made it through and we ultimately ended up with the “tech suit” Spider-Man.

Here’s what Meinerding had to say in his Instagram account.

So because I can’t show any new artwork right now and apparently because everyone is digging the unused Valkyrie and unused Hulk hair styles, here is a unused Spider-Man design. This was done for Civil War, which seems forever ago now. This design pass is inspired by the Ben Reilly costume which was originally designed by the awesome [Mark Bagley] for the comics! It’s fun trying out different size spiders and playing with the web designs when I’m designing Spidey suits for the MCU. Head over to my Twitter where I’ll have the full suit uploaded.

Also, these days Ben Reilly’s still running around the Marvel Universe as the Scarlet Spider and he’s a total anti-hero…

… who messed up with the lives of Peter Parker and a host of his friends, family and even enemies during The Clone Conspiracy.


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