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Lets Talk About the Ending of the Bleach Manga

So obviously Tite Kubo’s Bleach series has ended for quite some time so its safe to assume that we can now do Bleach spoilers.

The last official issue of Bleach was number 686 and featured a time skip after Ichigo beat Ywach.

In the story, we catch up first with Byakuya responding to an emergency in another part of soul society due to what appears to be a large energy hole with traces of Ywach’s power.

Back on Earth, Rukia and Renji Abarai reaches the Kurosaki emergency clinic. Where they do a reunion for a special event.

Ichigo Kurosaki’s also grown up a bit and he looks different now.

Inside, we see the familiar faces from both the Bleach anime and manga including Ichigo’s sisters.

Then we also see that Chad is the reason why they have gathered as its kinda revealed that Chad went on to become a world heavyweight champion.

Ishida has become a doctor just like his dad and was not able to make it to the viewing party. He did however take a break to watch in action.

We also see Inoue as Ichigo’s wife and mother to their kid. She definitely grew up to be a great homemaker.

Back in Soul Society, Ywach’s power seemed to hit critical mass then suddenly disperses like it was never there.

We then cut to seeing Rukia and Renji’s daughter…

Say hi to Ichika Abarai, who also introduces herself as an apprentice Shinigami.

On the opposite end we get to meet Ichigo Kurosaki and Inoue’s son, Kazui Kurosaki…

… And he too is a shinigami.

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