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Phoenix Resurrection – The Return of Jean Grey # 2 Spoilers

Here we are again for this week’s round of Jean Grey returning from the dead. Phoenix Resurrection – The Return of Jean Grey # 2 by Matthew Rosenberg and Carlos Pacheco does nothing. Sorry to say this but there’s nary anything interesting that happened in this issue.

I kid you not this is how its so easy to summarize the entire issue (including pages/panels)

An astronaut finds the fiery Phoenix Force raptor in space while on earth, our Jean Grey starts talking while sleeping with things in her room starts levitating.

The next day as Jean goes to work, she’s greeted by her neighbor named “Jamie” (who may or may not be Madrox). Back with the X-Men, they discuss about their previous mission and are still considering Jean’s resurrection but are looking more towards the Phoenix Force rearing its ugly head again. Kitty also reveals that they have nobody to operate Cerebra since all the psychics are either injured or missing. Cable presents himself as a person who can operate the machine.

Back with Jean, she meets Magneto in the diner where she works.

It’s complete with a reference to Chris Claremont too. Woo-hoo!

Back at the Mansion, the X-Men accompany Cable as he connects to Cerebra. Then because of all the Phoenix-y business, Cable’s brain gets fried effectively leaving the X-Men with zero psychics they can use.

The teams then scramble to look for the Phoenix while Kitty and Hank look for the missing psychics (who we last saw in Jean Grey # 10).

Iceman’s team gets the best surprise as they encounter old-school Magneto, who attack them like they didn’t just go through the Inhumans vs X-Men war or the fact that he’s backing the X-Men Blue team with Original five Jean Grey as team captain.

It took X-23 / Wolverine and her toe claw to seal the deal and end the Magneto threat.

Villain Magneto disappears and returns to Jean. Then the issue ends with the Phoenix Force finally reaching Jean’s town.

That’s pretty much it for Phoenix Resurrection – The Return of Jean Grey # 2. While I think the issue is weak and is pretty much filler type, the art by Carlos Pacheco is beautifully done and there’s greatness in Matthew Rosenberg’s script. It’s just that the book suffers from needless things. Slowing down what could have been an action packed book kinda leaves me disappointed.

Hopefully next week’s Phoenix Resurrection # 3 gets me back to the hype that issue # 1 offered.

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