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Rumors: Square Enix Porting Old Games to Nintendo Switch

Rumors are swirling around that Square Enix is planning to work with Nintendo to port older Sqaure Enix games to the Nintendo Switch.

The rumor suggests that Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda wants to boost sales of the Switch by re-releasing old games under the platform.

One of our other big initiatives is to get as many of our past titles available via digital releases. Among the younger generations of gamers, you’ve got lots of people out there who may have heard of our past titles but have never had an opportunity to play them,

In another part of the interview Matsuda also states that they may go with modernizing theporting of the old games (hopefully like Parasite Eve 2 and Vagrant Story).

Still it could work if they just port old Square Enix games for the Nintendo Switch.

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