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Overwatch Funko Pops Wave 2 Announced including D.Va and Mei

Completed the first wave of Overwatch Funko Pop! figures already? Well if not better hurry because the second wave of Overwatch pops have been announced.

The second wave of figures will be joining the likes of Tracer and Reaper from wave 1 and will include:

  • Symmetra
  • Lucio
  • Mei
  • McCree
  • Reinhardt (Super Sized)
  • D.va

No word yet when these Overwatch Funko Pop! figures would hit stores but it does seem that this would be released either February or March, with Funko’s penchant for releasing products quickly.

Judging from the design for D.Va, it gives off that feel that this is actually going to be a Pop! Rides figure joining the growing number of Funko Pop! vehicles including Ant-Man and Ant-thony and Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck just to name a few.

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