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Justice League Non Spoiler Review

Thefanboyseo.com offers up our Justice League non spoiler review. Opens November 16 from Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines. The film is directed by Zack Snyder and stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill and Ray Fisher.


The second to the last of most-anticipated movies for 2017 is finally here and off the bat, for this Justice League non spoiler review, I just have to say I enjoyed it. It’s not THE BEST movie from DC but it’s definitely one of the better ones (fight me, I still liked Batman v Superman).


There’s a lot of different thoughts on this movie, but for me, I loved the visuals except for Cyborg’s look for this film. CGs work for most of the scene including ALL of those battle scenes from past to present and everything in between. The costumes I liked particularly the treatment they gave for Aquaman and The Flash. Not a carbon copy of the comic book counterparts but fresh enough that both comic book geeks and casual moviegoers can appreciate.

justice league ezra miller the flash

Oh and Superman’s look for “Justice League” is awesome. Welcome back big blue!

Justice League Non Spoiler Review – Humor

Jokes and quips are trademark Joss Whedon. It worked extremely well for ‘Avengers’ and now they use the same formula sprinkled in 2 hours and 1 minute. While they hyped up Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen as the team’s quip guy, everybody gets to deliver a solid punchline here and there. But yeah, Ezra Miller’s Flash had the best moments comedy wise. “Justice League” isn’t as funny as say “Thor: Ragnarok” but they get to elicit the chuckles.

Oh but I have to let you guys know that there may be some jokes that just swoop pass you by. Don’t be like me and kick yourself for not getting that reference. You may get that on your second or third time.


Holy shit the villain sucked. That’s right. I initially though Steppenwolf was a bad ass thanks to WB marketing but now I realized that he’s an ineffective villain that wears out his welcome two minutes into the conversation. No matter how they tried all throughout the film to get some semblance of villainy for the New God character, it all fails. Was it intentional on production’s part to “mute” the villain? I think so.

I do admire how they got the Parademons from Comics….

Pre-New 52 Parademons


New 52 Parademons

… to the movies.

Parademons from “Justice League”

Interesting Characters, So Little Time

I would have loved to see more character building (and I mean decent character building) for the new members of the league without hurting the narrative. Barry’s development and his interaction with Henry Allen was so short; the same goes for Aquaman who looked like he just showed up out of nowhere. It was like “hey guys, I’ve finally joining you guys. Let me have ’em.”

Cyborg’s angst while on paper worked well, felt like it doesn’t mesh well. Was it bad? No, but it was written like he had HUGE issues on the first act then completely forgot about it by the third. The second act which was supposed to change everything for the character as well as his relationship between his dad Silas Stone.


Action Comics

If there’s anything that I really really loved, its the action scenes in this movie. From Amazons versus the invading Apokolips horde to that grand fight in the past to the Justice League going up against Steppenwolf’s forces, this was grand. Seeing geeky Barry Allen grow into an actual hero who can carry himself in a fight is a worth the build up. Ofcourse I also have to mention Superman and the throwdown he delivers in the film’s closing part. Definitely makes you want to think that this is Cavill’s best Superman to date.

Cameos and Easter Eggs

There are a few easter eggs and cameos in Justice League. Obviously I can’t ruin the surprise for you but believe me when I say that they hid a lot of great references throughout the movie. It’s actually one of the reasons why I would love to see the film again, for the mentions and easter eggs. There are also two post-credit scenes in the movie. One is of a humorous nature and another sets things up nicely for a sequel.

Justice League Non Spoiler Review Verdict


Its better than Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad but it does not surpass Wonder Woman. Also massive credits to the creators for trying to make the film as accessible as possible while trying to appease the fanboys and fangirls in the audience as well. Good try? Yes. Good product? Just OK. Is the future bleak? Nope, I think Justice League just opened a world of opportunities for other superhero movies from DC.

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