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Superman Beats Mr. Oz – Action Comics # 991 Spoilers

After a few issues of doubt and uncertainty, Superman finally manages to beat his dad Jor-El aka Mr. Oz. Check out this Action Comics # 991 spoilers post.

So in this issue, Superman makes it back to Metropolis and just in time to confront his dad who also returned from a heart to heart talk with Jonathan Kent.

Things get into a heated argument between the Man of Steel and his estranged father. In the last minute, Jor-El teleports himself and Clark somewhere else.

When they materialize, they are in another dimension. Which also happens to be Oz’s base of operation. Father and son punch it out and as they wreak havoc on the place, Superman gets to see what used to be Mr. Myxzptlk’s cell.

Pretty much confirms what the imp was talking about during the events of Superman Reborn.

The next punch that Superman gives his father sends him flying to the next cell which shocks Superman…

… as it contains a neutralized Doomsday.

At this point Zod takes back the fight and blasts Clark with kryptonite heat vision over and over again.

Clark takes the advantage again when he says that no father would harm his son indiscriminately, to which Jor-El is shocked.

This gives him the opportunity to break Mr. Oz’s halberd or whatever the hell he calls it. Superman then breaks the weapon and it gets revealed that the same weapon is what keeps Jor-El alive because there’s kryptonite lodged in his head. The weapon also acts as life support.

Then everything gets cleared up, the weapon was the source of Jor-El’s madness. But it was also a way to keep him alive and was given to him by what we can only presume was Doctor Manhattan.

Superman tries to promise to find a way to save Jor-El but it looks like his victory over Mr. Oz is a bittersweet one. Moments from death Superman’s father talks to him. Plus he gets to hug his son before his passing.

But because DC and Doomsday Clock wills it, a blue light engulfs the older Kryptonian. It looks like its going to take him away, possibly to the same place where Jay Garrick got sucked back at the end of the Batman/Flash crossover “The Button”.

So a couple of things for thid Action Comics # 991 spoilers post.

Superman is pulling his punches to some extent. He doubts earlier that this was his dad and he’s royally pissed too that Oz spoke to his son.

Love the moment where Jor explains why he has Doomsday in captivity. Its never mentioned that he found out that both Tim Drake and Batman have sprung out. Or maybe I just missed the announcement that the daring escape over at Detective Comics had happened after the breakout.

I feel like the weapon being the source of evil for Jor-El was a copout. It felt like editorial had more plans for alive Jor-El and he was whisked away conveniently.

Mr. Oz has a lot to pay when he returns. He did kill Supergirl’s dad who also happens to be his own brother. He kidnapped Red Robin and alternate univer Bat-Tim.

Still I applaud DC for being ballsy in bringing back Jor-El. I sure will miss him in the future Superman stories but I can certainly wait for DC’s big event book after Doomsday Clock.

Your thoughts on this Action Comics # 991 spoilers post? Was the overall story arc “The Oz Effect” a really good story or was it a ho-hum story? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

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