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The Shocking Connection Between Miles Morales and the New Iron Spider

In Marvel’s Spider-Man # 235, we see the return of the classic villain team, the Sinister Six in this new Marvel Universe and they’ve set their sights on the other Spider-Man, Miles Morales. More interestingly enough, this supervillain crew has a new Iron Spider running around with them with shocking ties to Morales.


In this current roster aside from Iron Spider, we also have The Spot, the female and new Electro, Sandman, Hobgoblin and Bombshell.

Now we don’t really have that clue as to who the new guy in the modified Iron Spider suit but by the end of issue # 235, we do get the reveal and it’s somebody some of us have expected…

Turns out the man wearing the high tech suit is none other than Aaron Davis, Miles Morales’ uncle and the ultimate version of the Prowler back in their original universe.

Aaron Davis back in the ultimate universe in his civilian identity



Aaron Davis in his Prowler costume (Ultimate Universe)

This is a surprise because we can only assume that Davis died when the original Ultimate Universe perished before the start of “Secret Wars” but it looks like that is not the case anymore.

Aaron Davis in the MCU played by Donald Glover

So looks like this is an interesting thread that might just make me actually follow Spider-Man on a regular basis.

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