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The Black Order is Back Minus Thanos as Marvel Launches Avengers No Surrender Trailer

Looks like they weren’t joking when they stated that the stakes are high for the new Avengers crossover story No Surrender as we briefly saw Thanos’ former crew, the Black Order, in the new trailer.

Watch the No Surrender trailer below:

The “No Surrender” trailer also gives significance to the new character called Voyager, dubbed as the “Greatest Avenger No One knew”. I’m still on the fence on that mostly because they disparaged the idea of Wasp aka Janet Van Dyne as a founding member of the Avengers.


Pretty interesting lineup too. We’ve got the main Avengers, the Uncanny Avengers (still with Rogue as leader) and the USAvengers with Sunspot and Cannonball still “leading”. I remember two years ago, Marvel had the same concept with two Avengers teams running around and working to save Captain America and Maria Hill in Pleasantville. Remember that? Yeah, that devolved into the drivel that is “Secret Empire” by the way.

Last thing for this post, I seem to remember Corvus dying in Thanos # 1

So how come he’s back with the gang? Interesting development.

Last thing I also need to point out is that Bruce Banner / Hulk will be coming back in the No Surrender arc. As to how and why, we have to wait two more months to find out.

“No Surrender” begins in January 2018’s Avengers # 675.

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