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Batman # 34 Spoilers – Rules of Engagement Part 2

Here we are again this week with Batman # 34 spoilers and its Rules of Engagement Part 2 written by Tom King with art by Joelle Jones for DC Comics.


Last issue showed readers where Batman and Catwoman went after she said yes to him by the end of War of Jokes and Riddles. They were pretty much looking to get an audience with Talia Al Ghul, Damian’s mother and Bruce Wayne’s one-time lover. We got to see Catwoman’s combat prowess as well as how very well she gels with her fiancee.

In this issue we get to see how well the two of them work well together in a fight. Talia had sent her assassins to slow down Batman and Catwoman and she sent A LOT.

Meanwhile Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson fly off to where Talia Al Ghul is but gets blocked by Superman as entry in this place would be considered an act of war.


Superman leaves to respond to another problem in another part of the world. Damian tries to ignore Superman’s orders (with a bit of blackmail that Superboy won’t be joining him on any adventures if he disobeys). Dick just sits there with Damian as they await for Batman and Catwoman to emerge from the place.

Back with the Dark Knight, we find then exhausted and near collapse after taking down ALL of Talia’s minions sent to apprehend them.

But they don’t get any real rest because Talia Al Ghul finally makes an appearance.

So it’s revealed that Batman and Catwoman aren’t really after Talia but instead they are looking for former Catwoman replacement Holly Robinson.

With Batman bloodied and beaten, Talia looks to Batman’s new lover to continue the fight.


There you have it, Batman # 34 spoilers. Go pick out the issue to get the full story.


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