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Dark Nights Metal Checklist Released

DC Comics has released a checklist for their upcoming event Dark Nights Metal which will feature the superstar team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

It looks like the book will go through the usual schedule but will skip November. Why November? Maybe DC has a plan for that month. It could be Doomsday Clock or it could be something else. Here’s a rundown of the dates when DC Comics will be releasing Dark Nights Metal.


So what do we know about Dark Nights aside from it being written by Snyder with art by Capullo? First, it will delve deeper into the secrets that Batman has kept which was first revealed in Dark Days: The Forge we may even find out how the Joker got inside this secret Batcave which Lark (Duke Thomas) and Green Lantern Hal Jordan discovered.

This thread will also be examined over in Dark Days: The Casting which features a cover showing Batman protecting the Joker.

It is also pretty much confirmed that the evil Batman Hybrid¬†from “Gotham Resistance” will also make their presence felt. Whether they will torment just Batman and the Justice League exclusively or that they could be terrorizing the other denizens of the DC Rebirth universe.



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