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Gotham Resistance spoilers – Teen Titans # 12

Teen Titans # 12 kicks off this Gotham Resistance spoilers post which occurs after the events of Dark Nights: Metal # 1 and # 2, particularly after Barbatos uses Batman as a portal to bring in his Dark Knights.

In this issue, Gotham City is in ruins and gets turned upside down because of the appearance of Challenger’s Mountain and the subsequent attack of the Dark Knights, namely the Batman Who Laughs, the Batman-Joker hybrid.

We start off with this evil Batman making his way into Arkham Asylum where he meets Riddler.

The Joker-Batman hybrid offers Riddler the chance to turn a part of Gotham City into his reality. Turn it into anything he wants. All Nigma had to do was take the card Batman is offering and think really hard. This Batman also reveals that he has given other members of Batman’s rogues the same cards and they’ve already begun twisting Gotham into their own image.

Meanwhile, the Teen Titans arrive and sees the damage that Challenger Mountain had done, plus the Labyrinth that has appeared in the city all of a sudden.

Riddler manages to catch Robin’s attention while the rest of his team goes on a rescue mission.

As Damian Wayne explores the inside of this building Riddler had produced, he encounters Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow.

The duo later encounters another Batman lurking in the dark and before it can attack them, it gets mauled and chewed up by Killer Croc. The Suicide Squad also makes an appearance including the team’s de facto leader, Harley Quinn.

This issue’s climax and as well as this Gotham Resistance spoilers post’s climax reveals that the Riddler has armed himself with a huge battle armor and gives the combined forces of the heroes and villains a riddle that will save them.

In the end, Damian Wayne succeeds in beating Riddler and this “team” gets back to the streets of Gotham.

Back in Challengers Mountain, Joker Batman finds out that the Riddler has failed and calls in his son, Dark Damian Wayne to finish the job.


Back in Gotham, Nightwing turns up just as the party regroups and evaluate the situation.

The Gotham Resistance spoilers continues in Nightwing # 29.

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