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Batman # 30 Review

Doing a short review for Batman # 30 by Tom King and Clay Mann from DC Comics.

Batman # 30 mikel janin cover

**Spoilers abound**

The War of Jokes and Riddles continue with Batman joining Riddler as they methodically remove Joker’s crew.

While King may have used a different framing device for the story, he goes on and uses Kite Man. Much to us fans chagrin.

Batman # 30 is set within several days with Kite-Man constantly finding himself in Batman’s one man raid on Joker’s gang.

The art for this issue looks great. I was seriously floored with the pencils of Clay Mann while Seth Mann’s inks helps spice up the art. Colors by Jordie Bellaire helps paint a slightly hopeful Gotham City slowly seeing the end of Joker and Riddler’s bloody war.

Kite Man in Batman # 30

You can’t help but emphatize for poor Kite Man as he gets continually beaten up by Batman. Call him a casualty in this war, but they succeeded in making him a darling in the eyes of readers. He also succeeds in telling a solid origin for this B-List villain.

Through Kite Man’s eyes, we also see just how many more people are still working for the Clown Prince of Crime. With two issues more for this storyarc, that scene in an empty theater sets up two things. One is Joker’s last ditch effort to win the War of Jokes and Riddles and two would be Kite Man’s own sense of loyalty.

Batman # 30 also gives readers a peek into the uneasy dynamics between Batman and Riddler. Interesting to say the least.


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