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Watch the THE KING OF FIGHTERS: DESTINY Episode 1 and Episode 2!

SNK wants to make King of Fighters the household name it once was and they partnered up with a Chinese animation studio to bring us 24 episodes of The King of Fighters: Destiny!

king of fighters destiny

So far there are already three episodes of King of Fighters: Destiny available on YouTube and mind you, they are full episodes with each one clocking at around 18 to 20 minutes. Let it also be known that since we get to see Mai Shiranui here, this is an automatic “must see” anime for me.

Two episodes in (with a third just freshly released) and we’re seeing a lot of “teams” making an appearance already from Kyo Kusanagi to Terry Bogart to even future addition to Tekken 7, Geese Howard.

King of Fighters: Destiny Episode 1

Episode 1: SOUTH TOWN
THE KING OF FIGHTERS – The world-renowned tournament starts now! After arriving in South Town, Kyo, an invitee to KOF, runs into another formidable fighter, Terry. Ten years have passed since the tragedy that changed his live forever… The destinies of the fighters now cross here in South Town.

King of Fighters: Destiny Episode 2

When Kyo, Benimaru and Daimon visit the Kyokugen Style Dojo in South Town, they come across Ryo chasing down men in black suits. Kyo and his friends head off to Geese Tower in pursuit as well. Once they arrive at the tower, Geese’s right-hand man, Billy descends on them.

While the animation is a bit rough-around-the-edges, it works for me. I’m also not a hardcore KOF fan (stopped after King of Fighters 98) so if there are blips in continuity or out-and-out continuity errors then I might miss this. Still for the sake of nostalgia and good looking animation, I’m willing to work with “Destiny”.

For more of King of Fighters: Destiny, you may want to visit the official SNK Youtube page!

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