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Best Moments from Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel Studios’ has slowly pulled the veil on their highly anticipated Avengers Infinity War so I decided to share my 15 best moments from Infinity Gauntlet.

Thanos reveals where he got the Infinity gems

Before Marvel decided to let the Illuminati have the Infinity gems, the traditional keepers were far more superior beings. Infinity Gauntlet revealed that Thanos not only had to use his power but also his brains to follow through on his mission for Mistress Death.

All-Father meeting

Marvel pantheon All Fathers meet

This part of Infinity Gauntlet’s a bit underrated but it means a lot. These All-Fathers know that Thanos has become more powerful than all of them combined so now they convene to find out what they can do.

Thanos stops Mjolnir

Thanos stops Mjolnir

When Adam Strange brings in the heroes to storm Thanos’ planetoid, they were not expecting to win including Thor but they do so still. Early on in the fight while Thanos was still a god, he managed to do this.

Hulk and Drax Double Team

Hulk and Drax double team

Two of the most physically powerful characters in this strike force manages to team-up and the result is a cool panel. Hope we get to see something like this in Infinity War.

Hulk versus Thanos

Smart Hulk punches Thanos

Did I say Hulk and Drax? I meant Hulk solo against Thanos would be incredible. No pun intended.

Doctor Doom Tries to steal the Gauntlet

Doctor Doom will always be awesome in my book. He was cool when he got the Beyonder’s power and he’s certainly cool AND ballsy when he tried to steal the Infinity Gauntlet when Thanos was out cold.

Wolverine stabs Thanos

Wolverine stabs Thanos Infinity gauntlet

Wolverine stabs Thanos

There was one point in the event book where Adam Warlock asks both Hulk and Wolverine if they could “sanction” Thanos if they had the chance. Later Logan does good on his promise but fails to kill the titan. The feral mutant ends up getting his adamantium bones get turned into sponge.

Spider-Man Webs up

In classic Spider-Man fashion, webhead webs up Thanos’ face. Made him quite cross.

Terraxia Beheads Iron Man

In one of the more chilling moments of Infinity Gauntlet, Iron Man ends up as casualty. Terraxia, Thanos’ new mate joins the bloodbath and takes out Tony Stark.

Quasar’s Hands Blown up

After a short introduction between the two, Thanos decides Quasar’s not worth the time so he just blows up the hands of the replacement Captain Marvel.

Thanos kills Vision

Thanos kills Vision in Infinity Gauntlet

Take note of this panel dear readers as this is pretty much what’s going to happen to our favorite android in the Russo Brothers-helmed Infinity War.

Thor Gets turned to Glass

Thor turned to glass in Infinity Gauntlet

The teaser trailer for Avengers: Infinity War featured a scene where Thanos was about to crush Thor’s head. That’s clearly a nod to this moment where the mad titan “kills” Thor by turning him into glass then shattering him into a million pieces.

Captain America versus Thanos

One of the best moments here in Infinity Gauntlet was that time Captain America went one on one with Thanos, who was still fully powered by the Infinity gems. I definitely cannot wait to see Chris Evans’ Captain America punching Thanos’ face.

Check out the other panels from this fight.

Thanos shatters Cap’s shield

Thanos versus Cosmic Beings

What made Infinity Gauntlet a truly EPIC series was the fact that Thanos actually went toe to toe against the Marvel Universe’s most powerful cosmic entities including Galactus and even the Celestials. He all beats them though and turns them into part of his display, his twisted fortress in honor of Mistress Death.

Mephisto tries to steal the Gauntlet

As long as Mephisto is around you know a double cross is in order.

Thanos battles Eternity

One of Thanos’ main goals in acquiring the Infinity gauntlets and the infinity stones was to reshape reality. To be able to do so, he had to go through Marvel’s embodiment of Eternity.

And because he has sooooo much power, its definitely a no-brainer who would win in this fight.

Nebula takes the Gauntlet

After beating Eternity, Thanos’ mind expands to the same level as Eternity. And while there’s a bit of adjusting, Nebula takes advantage of the situation. She goes from a member of The Walking Dead to a glamazon with the gauntlet.

This also becomes a signal for a hasty retreat for the surviving members of the Thanos attack squad. Or what’s left of them anyway.

Thanos teams up with the Defenders

In the final gambit to save the universe from the twice as crazy Nebula, the Defenders teams up with Thanos.

… And Adam Warlock.

The plan was to distract Nebula enough so Warlock can take possession of the Gauntlet. The frontal team is composed of heavies like Hulk and Drax.

Unfortunately for the team, they get squashed by Nebula in like a few panels.

So hows it end? How did the universe survive this ordeal? Well you got to pick up Infinity Gauntlet which has been collected in various trades. And in case you don’t spot any at the moment, just be patient as Marvel will definitely ride on the popularity of Avengers Infinity War.

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