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Silver & Black Movie Gets First Villain

Here’s our first news for the upcoming Sony Pictures film Silver & Black which will be a “buddy cop” flick featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat.

So anyway, it looks like Silver & Black will feature several villains based on the a few Spider-Man foes from the past. One of the villains that The Hashtag Show is reporting there’s a first wave which include Mendel Stromm aka Gaunt. What’s this dude’s MO? Looks like he’s done some wicked experiments on Symkarians (Silver Sable’s countrymen) which makes him a strong target for revenge and a bit of assassination.

So while Gaunt can’t possibly fight both Silver Sable AND Black Cat in the movieverse, he can definitely find people who he can hire to fight in his stead. Enter two rumored characters also from the Spider-Man stable; Scorpion and Tarantula.

We’ve already seen Scorpion aka Mac Gargan in Spider-Man Homecoming’s post-credit scenes where he was portrayed by actor Michael Mando (who did exceptional work in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 where he plays the villain Vaas).


As for Tarantula, well, here’s a photo of the character from the comics…

And if that’s not enough supervillains for one movie, here’s two more. The rumors started by those guys from The Hashtag Show reveal that Tombstone and Chameleon will also make an appearance in Silver & Black. Tombstone is rumored to look like his comic book counterpart…

No word on how they want to tackle Chameleon for the movies but its been said that he’ll be playing Gaunt’s informant in the earlier drafts of the script (or so the rumors say).

What are your thoughts on these rumored villains for Sony’s Silver & Black? Leave a comment or let’s discuss on Twitter @Thefanboyseo


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