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A Closer Look at the New Iron Man Armor for Avengers Infinity War

Yesterday we saw photos of Robert Downey Jr. shooting scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch. Today we hvae an even better treat. Photos have surfaced featuring a look at Iron Man’s new armor for Avengers 3 and it looks amazing.

They were shooting with a stand-in too. So it could be that this scene with Iron Man and Doctor Strange which I w

ish to call the “No Shit Sherlock” scene will have Stark appear and interact with both the new armor on and off.

Avengers infinity war iron man

It definitely matches the new arc reactor thats sticking in Tony Stark’s chest. So it definitely confirms suspicions that the new arc reactor is a power source for new suits.

Whether or not Stark figured into another accident involving shrapnel poised to hit his heart is another matter entirely.

The armor has some similarities with Stark’s armor during the Avengers Disassemble era which looks like this:

Iron Man Avengers Disassembled

Others argue that the new Iron Man armor for Avengers Infinity War resembles the Modular armor which was made popular by the 90s cartoon series AND Marvel vs Capcom.

Modular armor Iron Man

There are still some fanboys that say this is actually model 16, which IIRC was the suit he wore during Heroes Reborn and the accompanying Iron Man volume that came along with the return to the real 616 universe.

Iron Man armor model 16

What do you guys think? Which armor does the new MCU armor resemble?

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