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Gotham Resistance Offers Evil Batman Hybrids Before “Metal”

  • Evil Batman Hybrids set to appear from the “Dark Universe” in new DC Comics miniseries Gotham Resistance
  • Superstar creative teams will work on one-shots featuring Batman-Wonder Woman hybrids all October long
  • It’s a prelude to Dark Nights: Metal

So we’ve already seen what they are building into with the “Dark Universe” DC is making via last week’s Dark Days: The Forge as well as Dark Days: The Casting . And as we dig deeper into this mystery Batman is currently tumbling and hurtling into, we’re starting to see what this is all about. But it won’t be a walk in the park as he’s dealing with things he may not even want to deal with; like alternate universe Batmen fused with other Justice League members like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash.

All of these monsters are formidable in their own right too. But being Batman means they are all tacticians. These aren’t pushovers but rather supremely intelligent beings with the brawn to match the brain.

Evil Batman Squad / Gotham Resistance Creative Teams and Shipping Schedule

Advance details on several one-shots tying into DC Comics’ big Dark Nights: Metal crossover event  have a decidedly Batman focused slant. Check out the announced the titles and the creative teams below:

  1. Batman: The Red Death (corrupted Flash hybrid)
    • written by Joshua Williamson and art by Carmine Di Giandomenico
    • release date: September 20
  2. Batman: The Murder Machine (corrupted Cyborg hybrid)
    • written by Frank Tieri and art by Ricardo Federici
    • release date: September 27
  3. Batman: The Dawnbreaker (corrupted Green Lantern hybrid)
    • written by Sam Humphries and art by Ethan Van Sciver
    • release date October 04
  4. Batman: The Drowned (corrupted Aquaman hybrid)
    • written by Dan Abnett and art by Philip Tan
    • release date Ocober 18
  5. Batman: The Merciless (corrupted Wonder Woman hybrid)
    • written by Peter J. Tomasi and art by Francis Manapul
    • release date October 25
  6. Batman: The Devastator (corrupted Doomsday hybrid)
    • unknown creative team
    • release date November 01
  7. Batman: The Batman Who Laughs (corrupted Joker hybrid)
    • unknown creative team
    • release date November 15

At this point in time, its still had to call them the Batman squad because that sounds really, really lame. But that’s really where the lameness ends. Imagine what Batman would do if he had the power of a Green Lantern while at the same time being bad. He could either look a bit like this…

… with a dash of this.

What a scary thing to consider.

According to reports these villains will be manipulating Gotham City villains and it will take the combined forces of both DC heroes and villains to take them down, which is the main thrust for Gotham Resistance. If you want to catch this story unfold, you have to pick up these issues:

  • Teen Titans # 12
  • Nightwing # 29
  • Suicide Squad # 26
  • Green Arrow # 32

Dark Nights: Metal # 1 will begin shipping August 2017

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