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MSI GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro Review

TheFanboyseo.com offers our MSI GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro Review for the discerning gamers and techies out there.


First off I’d like to thank MSI Philippines for the loaner review unit. Definitely enjoyed the product while it was still with me and I already missed it already.


The MSI GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro’s exterior is made of durable plastic. Yeah, pretty much all the parts of the gaming laptop is made of it. To me it felt that this laptop had done away with all the bells and whistles to deliver a good gaming experience. Nothing problematic from the user experience in terms of exterior. The top part of the laptop had done away with problems with leaving behind fingerprints. So even when you’re having a nice snack, you don’t have to worry about leaving a “mark” on the laptop. The aesthetics also worked here as it exudes this look that its something not to be treated lightly. Plus it continues to look like a sports car, something MSI continually does so.

My only qualm about the product is the plastic they used. In some parts, it felt like they’ve used “economic” grade plastic, particularly in the interior and the bottom part of the Leopard Pro. That’s really it.


Oh man, I loved the keyboards on the Leopard Pro. Of course they put in the trademarked MSI “Steel Series” so you know that the keys are snug when you press them. Backlighting on the board makes it great to play games especially for an RPG gamer like me. Definitely helped a lot when I played Marvel Heroes 2016 on this unit. (Because you had to go through A to H to use your selected hero’s powers). Pretty much a decent spacing won the day for the unit.

The touchpad was a bit tacky and can be annoying from time to time. Quick disclaimer, I go from a Macbook Air to the Leopard Pro everyday, so you’ll know just where I’m coming from. You’d have to make an extra effort to get to one place on the screen with the use of the touchpad so blergh.


The MSI GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro comes with a 15-inch matte display with Full-HD (1920 x 1080). My take, its perfect for just about any game there is available at the moment. Enjoyed it on Overwatch (thank you Overwatch weekend), Marvel Heroes 2016, Heroes of the Storm and a whole lot more. 60fps? Not a problem.

On the downside, please don’t expect 4k quality or Ultra-HD / QHD settings for the Leopard as its maximum capacity can only go for the 1080p. You’ll have to shell out a bit more for the unit’s “big brothers” aka the 4K series of gaming laptops.


The Leopard Pro gets to boast of it being an actual gaming laptop thanks to the the 3GB GTX 1060 graphics card under the hood together with one of the latest “Kaby Lake” models of the processor, the Intel Core i7- 7700HQ processor. Keeping things running smoothly is the RAM; which for this unit is a 16GB DDR4 (32GB) system memory. These three does all the hard work and gives this bad boy it’s teeth. These specs definitely makes the GP62MVR 7RF a really stand-up gaming laptop, it’s also perfect for people who plan on working with graphics and design. It can take the punishment AND more. And thank god for being a Pascal-based laptop because it’s not even sweating with some of the latest games out there.


Connectivity will never be an issue with GP62MVR 7RF as it comes out of the box loaded with a ton of connections. From the get go you’ve got:

  • Two (2) USB 3.0 ports
  • SD Card Slot
  • HDMI 1.4 port
  • One (1) USB-C port
  • One (1) Ethernet Port

Definitely enjoyed how relatively easy it is to go from one device to another with all these ports MSI put on this laptop. During the review period, I brought along the Leopard to the office and had made a presentation on the device. I realized during the presentation that I didn’t even need a projector for the presentation because the screen was big enough for everybody in the room to see (we have a small but cozy meeting room).


Alas, battery life for this big cat is limited. Lugged the laptop for an event and used it for roughly three and a half hours and it was pretty much dying already. So yes, because of the sheer performance capabilities of the laptop it can only last that long. Think of how any iteration of Ultraman there is and how short they have to fight the kaijus before they lose power. That’s my analogy for this. Yes, that short.

But I realized that the problem here is that if they added in the added power for the battery, this will be a terrible thing to carry. So they definitely had to make the hard choice here. “Bawi nalang sa ibang bagay”

[English: Make up for it in other aspects]

The charger can be your ball and chain literally and figuratively. They say its a power brick but it doesn’t really look or feel like one? For the MSI GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro, it literally is a ball and chain. Again, you can’t have everything and this is the best they can do for the price range and the design.


MSI’s built in this nifty button to cool your laptop

Gone are the days when laptops required exterior coolers to keep them… umm… cool. These days, especially for gaming laptops like the MSI GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro , internal cooling systems are the norm. For the Leopard Pro we have the patented MSI Cooler Boost that uses six heat-pipes which are cooled by two cooling fans. Better gameplay time, improved performance and most importantly its not that annoying to touch.

MSI Cooler Boost 4 not only makes the user experience a cool one, it also helps keep performance above par. How it works is that one click of the cooler button will quickly turn on the 6 heat pipes and dual fans which then pushes the heat out of the laptop. That’s also the reason why they made exhaust ports at the back.


MSI’s got the branding and user interface down pat so they already know what you’ll need right from the start and then included software that they think you will need soon enough. That’s why you get the official MSI Dragon Center whicch you can use to manage your laptop’s hardware including cooling and overclocking options. There’s also the System Control Manager or SCM which users can use to adjust battery, volume, network settings and even brightness. They also added the MSI Help Desk who doubles as the manufacturer’s customer support hub.






The GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro is a serious gaming laptop that can fit both your gaming needs AND your office or home needs. It’s got GREAT display, solid sound, all the gifts that MSI can offer for their current flock of laptops. The GPU delivers great performance for both high-end games as well as the normal MMORPGs.  It does suffer from a short battery life which was my biggest concern especially when I go from one event to another.

The MSI GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro  is now available for P84,995 or you can visit the MSI Gaming Facebook page to find out more.

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