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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo Team-up Again for DC’s Dark Nights: Metal

The dynamic duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are back to working on Batman and this time, they’ve put him in a crossover called Dark Nights: Metal.

The announcement was done during last weekend’s FanExpo Dallas where the two made an appearance for a DC Panel together with Jim Lee and Dan Didio. During the panel, Snyder was very candid in sharing bits and pieces of information about the project.

“It’s a big mystery. Batman starts to discover things around the DCU, and not just in Gotham. This is a story that is not just a Batman story at all. it goes from Oa to Star City, it’s all over the place. And he starts to discover that there’s a mystery seeded in human history all the way back to the beginnings of man. He discovers it through his experiences with metal … and the deeper he digs, the more terrified he gets about what’s coming.”

The writer also confirms that Dark Nights: Metal is a story that he has been building as early on in his run of Batman, particularly during the events of Court of Owls all the way to Endgame where they serve up a tonally different Joker for Batman and his family to foil.

Thrasher armor from Batman: Court of Owls

“Metal” won’t just be the exploration of the Nth Metal and how its related to the entire DC Universe both from the New 52 era and from the current DC Rebirth era. It’s also about heavy metal and rock and roll and all the imagery that are usually related to these topics.

Snyder adds:

I want Metal to be built upon the stories happening now in Rebirth and create new material that feels really modern and different. And above all, it’s going to be fun. Even with terror and nightmares, it won’t be grim. Dark Nights: Metal will be celebratory, huge and crazy. I’ve said it before: I am going for out-of-control dinosaurs and lasers.

Before we get to Dark Nights: Metal though we have three one shots that we need to pick up namely Dark Days: The Forge (June 14)…


Dark Days: The Forge

… as well as Dark Days: The Casting (July 12).

Dark Nights: Metal will be hitting LCS shelves August 2017.


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  2. June 3, 2017

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