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Power Rangers Post-Credit Scene Revealed!

I was always wondering what the Power Rangers post-credit scene would be and I had prayed to the geek gods that it would have something to do with the appearance or the existence of the Green Ranger. And now those prayers are answered.

Now before I put down the description for the Power Rangers post-credit scene, I just want to give you a spoiler alert.


Still there?








OK, here we go.


In the film’s final moments we see the Rangers back in detention where they all met at the start of the movie. Things are different now because they have mutual trust and respect for one another. Rita Repulsa has been… repulsed and Goldar has been taken care of thanks to the Megazord. In comes a teacher who does a quick roll call for the students ending with an unanswered call.

Tommy Oliver.

Camera then focuses on an empty chair with a jacket that has the words “Oliver” on it. But no Tommy in sight.


Right, so I’m not entirely happy with Power Rangers as a film but it did something right. And that’s redeem the title from the Ivan Ooze-centric Power Rangers movie. But having THIS easter egg/ throwback to one of the most decorated Rangers in the franchise…


Thanks guys.

But will that open a sequel? That’s still up in the air as the film hasn’t even opened in a lot of countries. If the ticket sales are decent then there’s a high chance, if not then that’s it for Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa.

Credits: Polygon

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