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And the Fake Clark Kent is Not Superboy Prime

Hey DC Fans, it looks like we were dead wrong with our guess that the “fake” Clark Kent running around the DCU in the DC Rebirth Superman books was none other than Superboy Prime. In fact we were so far from the reveal and it sucks.

So in this week’s issue of Action Comics # 975 we find out just who this Clark Kent is, why he’s suddenly so obsessed with Pre-New 52 Lois Lane and what’s his beef with the Man of Steel.

Action Comics # 975

Action Comics # 975

The story gets more interesting now that its revealed Mr. Mxyzptlk was behind the abduction and the harassment of Lois Lane. And mind you he’s been posing as Clark for some time now, ever since our big blue took over the role of Superman after New 52 Superman died.

He’s also been showing off his powers and/or masking his presence. We all thought that was Superboy Prime with some of the Silver Age Superman’s powers but alas.

So while the main book will have art by Patrick Gleason, there’s also a back-up story which will focus on what’s happened to Clark Kent’s son Jonathan Kent and his interaction with Mr. Mxyzptlk.


That backup story will be done by Paul Dini and Ian Churchill.

While its a bummer that we all assumed it was Superboy Prime back from wherever the hell he ended up in, its not. But at least a classic Superman villain is back and has returned to his original state and not something that Grant Morrison smoked up while casting spells.

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