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More Uncolored Images from the X-Men Comic book We Saw in Logan

James Mangold’s Logan is still enjoying all the accolades it deserves with today having it being branded as this decade’s version of “The Dark Knight”. While that’s still debatable, fans definitely had a grand time seeing the easter egg of an X-Men comicbook amongst X-23’s belongings. Now Joe Quesada himself shared the unlettered and uncolored version of those pages.

On his Facebook timeline, the former Daredevil artist and former big boss for Marvel had this say about the film.

I finally got to see Logan this weekend and it’s truly an amazing film with perhaps some of the finest overall cast performances ever in a Super Hero movie. Hugh Jackman couldn’t have said goodbye to the Wolverine in a more powerful and poignant manner and James Mangold simply knocked it clean out of the park. I’m so honored and flattered to have been asked to be a small part of this movie and thrilled for everyone involved that it’s being received so well.

For those that asked, here are the digital pencils I contributed to the movie. These were taken by the magnificently talented, though slightly annoying,Dan Panosian who inked, colored and effected them to look like a classic X-Men comic from the 90’s.

Check out the works he did with the film, which Hugh Jackman himself requested to be added into the story.

Logan Spoilers:

There was a part in the movie where Logan checks out the book and realizes that the “Eden” the kids were looking for had actually come from an issue of the X-Men comic book. The coordinates were the same coordinates that was illustrated in the book.

This pretty much destroys Logan’s fate on this road-trip he’s been doing with Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and X-23 (Dafne Keen).

While we’re still on the subject of Logan, please do read my Logan review.

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