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The Power of Friendship and Killer Frost Takes Down Eclipso (Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 6)

Yes it looks like thanks to the power of friendship and teamwork plus the untapped potential of future Justice League of America member Killer Frost, Eclipso’s mad plan has been foiled in  Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 6.

This issue was written by Joshua Williamson with art by Howard Porter. We also have several variant covers by Amanda Conner.

Sorry we skipped issue # 5 but we’ll probably do a full coverage on the book next week. We left the last issue with Batman converting the human members of the Suicide Squad into full-fledged Justice Leaguers as the League has been mind-controlled by Max Lord/ Eclipso in issue 4. We also witness Eclipso taking over Lord’s body which was also the cliffhanger ending last week.

This week, it’s all out battle between the mind-controlled Justice League and Batman’s Suicide Squad in the White House no less.

Our ‘heroes’ gets the asses handed to them by the more powerful League and that’s only the beginning as one by one the Squad falls to Eclipso’s powers until only Batman, Killer Frost and Lobo are left standing.

Thanks to Eclipso’s blabbering, Batman figures out that the only way to truly beat the malicious entity is by getting him hit by direct sunlight. Too bad he’s already blocked the sun. But Batman again thinks of something (without that much of prep time too).

So while Killer Frost is working on her prism, Batman goads pre-New 52 Superman into burning him into a crisp with that Kryptonian heat vision of his. Dodging the beam, it hits Killer Frost’s prism for a wonderful effect.

This blast of yellow sunlight breaks Eclipso’s control of the League and the Squad and also helps get Amanda Waller away from Eclipso/ Max Lord.

The creation of the prism weakened Killer Frost that she really can’t do an encore. It was enough to free both superteams but not enough to put Eclipso out of his misery. Batman then offers his life-force as a way to power up Killer Frost once more. Then both teams offer their life force too to make sure that Eclipso is stopped once and for all.

They do manage to take him down with Killer Frost creating a smaller prism within Eclipso’s body and then use Superman’s heat vision to generate yellow sunlight from within Lord’s body.

Eclipso is gone, the Eclipso crystal disappears and Killer Frost is given an order to kill Max Lord. Which she totally does not follow.

The epilogue is more about the two teams bonding while recovering from the battle.

Of course this isn’t where the story ends. We’ll be bringing more spoilers for Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 6 in the coming days.

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