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There’s a Petition Against the Laura Palmer Funko Pop Figure

More SJW and political correctness as there’s some movement to stop the release of the Laura Palmer Funko Pop figure because well, we’re not sure exactly.

Above you’ll see the just-released photo for the Laura Palmer Funko Pop Vinyl which is part of the Twin Peaks line of Pops.

Here’s a screenshot of the rant/petition/ outrage over the figure. Taken from Instagram.

Usually I don’t comment about stuf like this but this is just ridiculous. Getting upset over a figure that’s based on decades old TV series shouldn’t be a thing.

Should petitioner be doing something else? I have to say yes. There’s a lot of other more meaningful things to do aside from bitching over a plastic figure that would cater only to hardcore fans of the Twin Peaks series or completists.

There are dozens of other figures in the past that had more gore and more violence so why not complain about those as well?

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