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Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 4 Spoilers

So welcome to the Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 4 spoilers and for this issue we catch up on the big fight between the original Suicide Squad now led by Max Lord, the current Suicide Squad working for Amanda Waller and their new allies, the Justice League.


You can catch up on Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 3, # 2 and # 1 when you click on those links.

In this issue, after the reveal that Lord’s squad which includes guys like Lobo and Emerald Empress were the first Suicide Squad, they attack Belle Reeve with the hopes of settling the score with Waller and for Lord, something more.

Of course this will not stand with the Justice League…

Before anything though, Superman tries to reason with Lobo who they all think is being mind-controlled by Maxwell Lord.

Other stuff that happens in this fight:

Johnny Sorrow opens a gateway and summons monsters inside Belle Reeve

Rustam vs Katana

(winner Katana)

Harley Quinn & Wonder Woman vs Johnny Sorrow

(winner) Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman

Cyborg vs Doctor Polaris

Superman and Green Lanterns vs Emerald Empress

This would probably tie into Superman’s upcoming story arc or as the editors hint at, something that would happen over at Supergirl. Also, do we finally get to see the connection between the Green Lantern rings and Empress’ eye? Maybe…

Flash and Captain Boomerang’s banter

So while all of this chaos is happening, Max Lord sneaks further into Belle Reeve with his goal of getting “something”. He encounters Killer Frost though.

Amanda Waller and Deadshot are being tracked by Lobo in another part of the facility.

The Main Man takes everything they dish out and just keeps looking for more.  That’s until Batman saves Waller and Deadshot’s sorry asses and reveals to Lobo that he’s already being controlled by Lord.

Back with Lord and Killer Frost, he manages to convince Frost to use her powers to destroy the safe housing his target.

Its too late for both the League and the Squad as Lord has already taken the Eclipso diamond which he thinks he can fully control.

Issue 4 ends with Max Lord revealing to the Suicide Squad that he has taken control of the Justice League.

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