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Spider-Man/Deadpool #12 Makes Fun of Zack Snyder

Marvel’s still not done poking fun at DC Expanded Universe Zack Snyder and for the holidays they make fun of his cinematic approach via several panels from Spider-Man/Deadpool # 12 by Nick Giovannetti and Paul Scheer.

Yeah, let me also comment that the creative team did a fine job in putting in a reference to the classic Michael Bay film “Bad Boys” only replacing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence with Deadpool and Spider-Man instead. Good job.

So in Spider-Man/Deadpool # 12 Saturn descends upon Earth angry that the mortals are no longer practicing Saturn-day or something like that and instead opted for Christmas. Of course this Roman deity is different from the Marvel version of Zeus or Odin and looks pretty much like Santa Claus, thereby making things more confusing.


“Burning Man Santa” that’s a good one ‘pool.

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