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Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 1 Spoilers

DC Comics has released the first salvo for their new crossover and we’ve got the Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 1 spoilers and its a decent book to be honest.

The book was written by Joshua Williamson with art for the first issue by Jason Fabok. You can check the JL vs SS preview by clicking on the link.

So for this issue we begin the story with a prison break. At this point we don’t have an idea who was broken out, but we kinda know who orchestrated the breakout.

Before long we get a tease on who the specific characters and what this mystery man plans to do with all them.

When we catch up with the Suicide Squad they are dealing with a mission to stop a villain called APEX. Amanda Waller watches from her control room, Rick Flagg is unhappy that she sent Killer Frost with the current roster of killers and bad guys from Task Force X.

The team also gets reintroduced to readers, Captain Boomerang tries to put the moves on Killer Frost but is stopped by El Diablo and as seen from the page above, Deadshot has his moment by taking out the villain Apex before he completely destroys the island they’re in with that quake thing.

So when things start to go south, Floyd Lawton decides that its time to meet his maker but gets a last minute save by the Superman. We then get to see the Justice League doing what they do best, saving people and minimizing damage.

When that’s done, the League decides to finally face the Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller indirectly.

Waller, Deadshot and the entire Task Force X don’t want the Justice League coming down on them though.

So naturally, a fight breaks out.

Kinda sucks though that Simon Baz doesn’t look like he’s got an actual match in this fight. Also why is Superman attacking Enchantress knowing full well that magic is one of his main weaknesses.

So while that’s happening, the mystery villain tells his plans to the supervillains he sprung out of jail. Said mystery villain sorta admits that he’s using Amanda Waller’s playbook against her, using bad guys to do good work. Readers are then treated to the reveal of who the supervillains are…

That’s quite a “different” set of supervillains from the normal stuff we’ve seen in other DC Comics stuff.

And we end this Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 1 spoilers post with the reveal of who’s behind all this secret chaos.

Maxwell Lord is back. One of the coolest Justice League “villains” is back and he’s already generating a huge problem not just for the league but also for Amanda Waller and her Task Force X.

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