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Overwatch’s Tracer is Gay (Overwatch Reflections Spoilers)

… and regardless of the fact that Tracer is gay we think she’s cool and all that. It also gives her more depth as an Overwatch character.

We are posting the entire comic book but to make it as tl;dr as possible, here’s the panel featuring Tracer and her girlfriend Emily.

Bonus for showing Winston and his loneliness during the holidays.

Now that’s something without context, below is the actually entirety of the story.

That’s just too sweet. Also reading the last few pages for this Overwatch comic book made me realize that that series or franchise can actually work in the medium.

Who gifts scarves these days anyway? Locally can we consider giving a scarf on the same level as gifting a towel for Christmas?

We’ve done this page above but I am pretty sure that the kiss between Tracer and her girlfriend Emily is something we will continually go back to.

If there’s one thing about Blizzard and about Overwatch, its that they love to.tease things.

I can also see the two sides here who are either pissed at the reveal and those that are happy that Tracer is Gay.

We’ll revisit this in the coming days. Also Happy Holidays wherever you are!

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