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Family Mart Taipei has these Cute Star Wars Collectibles this December

Seeing these Star Wars Collectibles being given out in Family Mart Taipei makes us wish Family Mart Philippines had a more active hand in licensing Star Wars stuff and releasing products exclusive to their stores.

Credits: Ruben Nacion

Look at those! They not only have a chibi-esque Darth Vader, they also have a chibi toy featuring Boba Fett!

Credits Ruben Nacion

Credits Ruben Nacion


Credits Ruben Nacion

Oh right, 711 PH managed to get a hold of the license and we got the usual tumblers and toppers. Pretty cool but compared to actual Star Wars and Rogue One toys, that looks weak.


Again special thanks to artist extraordinaire and teacherus superiorus Ruben Nacion for letting us feature his photos from his Taiwan trip!


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