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Closer Look at the Power Rangers Battlezords Figures

Here’s a look at the Battlezord figures from the upcoming Power Rangers movie in toy form. 

First on our list is the Red Ranger’s T-Rex Battlezord.

Of all the zords from this toyline, I would have to give my thumbs up to this guy. 

Next we have the Blue Ranger’s triceratops battlezord…

Between this and the Black Ranger’s Mastadon Battlezord, I would still give this battlezord major props. Just as long as we dont see the extra pair of legs they added into the design.

Black Ranger’s Mastadon Battlezord.

Yellow Ranger’s Sabertooth Battlezord

Both the Sabertooth and the Pterodactyl battlezords look badass as well and translated pretty well from the source material and even then from the original source which was Zyuranger.

So while individually the battlezords look awesome, we still cannot deny the fact that the Megazord looks like a huge pile of crap. Its horrible and looks like a lovechild between the real MMPR Megazord and Michael Bay’s Transformers.

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