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IvX # 1 Spoiler Review

Here’s our IvX # 1 spoiler review written by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule with Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan.

So here we are, with the second act of the Inhumans and Mutants war in the current Marvel U. If you haven’t checked it out, we did a coverage for Death of X when it came out and now we’re jumping to IvX.

I was mildly surprised by the clear cut direction this book went, this issue alone is worth the cover price, probably even more. It’s something that the X-books sorely missed i.e. the team-ups, the awesome moments, the splash pages, the in-fighting and the whole nine yards.

But we have that all in Inhumans vs X-Men # 1.

We find the X-Men in a tight position with the older Hank McCoy telling the X-Men that they only have two weeks before the Terrigen Cloud finally envelops the entire Earth and all mutants still living in it will die. It’s there that Emma Frost finally reveals her plan and the mutants finally begin taking back their lost “mojo”.

As a fan of the X-Men since I started reading comics, this was a big moment. I felt pure rush when Magneto reveals himself to Crystal and the rest of her Inhuman team. I actually flashed a big smile when Emma Frost met up with Black Bolt only to effectively take him out.

Even the untested mutants like O5 Jean Grey had a HUGE moment when its revealed that she took out the feared Inhuman Karnak all by herself.

A little plot qualm I have here is Dazzler’s involvement in the story. It would have been great if they had laid the foundation for Dazzler’s surprise reveal in other books before IvX # 1 to make the “sucker punch” truly painful. That in the span of eight comicbook months, she’s been working undercover for her race acting as a lounge singer and waiting for the right time to strike at Black Bolt. Only that doesn’t happen. We get one panel to explain who she is and a few awesome panels of her taking out Black Bolt.

Beast was also sort of cool. I like to see where his arc goes moving forward. After all, he was just betrayed by the people he considered friends. So I’m calling it now, he’ll be joining the Inhumans if and when he breaks away from the X-Men. We don’t see Hank on any of the upcoming X-books too so that’s an additional indicator.

Also that splash page featuring the X-Men attacking New Attilan is totally badass. I need the original art for that.

Overall, I am totally psyched for this book. This Inhumans vs X-Men # 1 review is raving over the quality of the writing and the art (we don’t even have to write about that because its automatic when you see the name Leinil Francis Yu)

Go get it. Swear, you won’t be disappointed!

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