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Last of Us Part Two Trailer Now Streaming

After years of anticipation and speculation Sony has finally revealed The Last of Us Part Two trailer and it looks gory and beautiful as what we should all expect from an ‘Last of Us’ game.


Very little is known about the sequel but based on the reveal trailer, it looks like the story will be set a few years after the ending of Ellie and Joel’s first adventure in the first ‘Last of Us’ game. Ellie now looks more of a young adult around 18 years of age while Joel (albeit briefly visible) looks the same.

We now know that Ellie is on the warpath to find and kill members of the resistanace group known as the ‘Fireflies’, the same group that commissioned Joel to bring Ellie in to be “experimented and cut open” due to her ability to avoid getting infected by the plague that pretty much ruined the world.

The Last of Us Part Two Reveal Trailer

No release date yet for The Last of Us Part Two, so I guess we still have to play the waiting game. But at least the hard part’s over and we now KNOW that there is an actual The Last of Us sequel to be released.

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