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Marvel vs Capcom 4 is Actually Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

So we were wrong when we asked if Capcom was announcing Marvel vs Capcom 4 because while they have a new MvC game coming up, it doesn’t follow the numerical set up. Rather than calling it MvC4 they just branded it as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite trailer

While we don’t see how the gameplay works, it gives us a few things to consider.

(a) they finally realized how Megaman X is cooler than Megaman (sorry, just saying).

(b) Marvel is now slowly ditching their ISO-8 concept in favor of bigger fish; the Infinity Stones…

(c) Captain Marvel now looks like Brie Larson (which is a good thing)

(d) They teamed up the two people that are currently at odds with each other namely Iron Man and Carol Danvers (see Civil War II)

(e) Will we see more of the heroes from the Capcom game “Marvel Superheroes”?

(f) Still no confirmation that they would be ditching the mutants/ X-Men for this particular game. If that’s the case say goodbye to Wolverine, Storm and even Magneto

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has no release date yet but many believe that it would be released Q3 or Q4 of 2017

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