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Remember that Time Seifer Cut Odin in Half in Final Fantasy VIII?

I’m definitely feeling nostalgia today and I wanted to I guess talk about Final Fantasy in any shape and form. So in honor of the release of a new Final Fantasy game, lets take a look back at that memorable moment in Final Fantasy VIII involving Seifer Almasy and the Guardian Force or GF known as Odin.


So in Disc 3’s ending for Final Fantasy VIII, Squall and two other party members make their way towards the end of the room with Seifer’s “posse” Raijin and Fujin, you enter a boss fight. A couple of dialogues later and Seifer says goodbye to his pals and they run away from the battlefield.


Faced with Seifer, a short conversation begins with FF8 protagonist Squall asking whatever happened to the knight bullshit Seifer’s been spouting earlier in the story. Seifer admits that he has outgrown the notion and now considers himself a young revolutionary, hell-bent on doing big things. Then the fight begins and Odin makes an appearance once again ready to pull off his classic Zantetsuken move….


Only by the end of the move, it’s the Guardian Force all father that gets split in half rather than Squall’s vicious rival.


As Squall and company are shocked with what happen, Seifer, the bad ass that he is tells his opponents that he won’t go down that easy then the fight continues. Just when Seifer seems to be getting the upperhand, this happens.


Gilgamesh joins the fight with the intention of getting Odin’s sword, which was left behind when Seifer killed the GF. Then in one of the best moments in the game, Gilgamesh unleashes his super attack and literally blows Seifer away.

It’s all on this video below:


This also blew my mind. This was before the Internet so it was really easy to get surprised by these sorts of things. This is another thing I missed. I won’t be surprised that in a few days there’d be full spoilers from people who already played and finished Final Fantasy XV and I won’t really be able to filter that out. Oh well.

What was your favorite Final Fantasy moment folks? Leave a comment below or on the fanpage. We’d love to hear from you.

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