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Some Pretty Impressive Stills from the Asuka vs Mickie James Match from NXT Takeover Toronto

Check out some of the amazing photos taken during the match between reigning NXT Women’s Champion Asuka and returning former WWE champion Mickie James during the NXT Women’s Championship card in NXT Takeover Toronto.


Man these two definitely put up a fight during their match. It’s pretty easy to say that they were evenly matched up to that point. It was also a match that balances technical moves and flashy moves. On a technical basis though, we would give the crown to Asuka. More photos from the Asuka vs James match from NXT Takeover Toronto below…



Yeah, that was punishing even if pro-wrestling is scripted.


This too would hurt like hell if it was applied on us common mortals. These guys are pros I tell you. So do not dismiss pro-wrestling in front of any #teamfanboy member.




As a bonus, you have to agree when we say that Asuka is waifu material if you get her to pose properly and make her smile…


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