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Is This the Official Look of the Megazord from Power Rangers?

Slowly being shared online today are photos of what seems to be the Megazord from the 2017 film Power Rangers which features Bryan Cranston as Zordon and Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa.

The photo has been passed around several Facebook fanpages and it looks like a snapshot from an online toy catalogue.

We have to credit the page where we found it though and thats Super Sentai vs Power Rangers. They themselves aren’t sure whether this is is a legitimate photo and product description or not.

On our end, we think the design closely follows the look of the Zords which has been teased months ago via a poster with the zords and their respective pilots.

In fact here’s a full look at the T-rex zord action figure…

Credits Screenrant

We are big fans of Power Rangers but we’re even bigger fans of dont shit on it till you try it. However if that really is the design for the Megazord, we will just go ahead and slit our wrists due to the horror we are suffering. 

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  1. February 5, 2017

    […] my verdict is that I’ll watch this with an open mind except for the Megazord and Goldar. Plus its interesting that they have an old Yellow Ranger and that Rita Repulsa takes […]

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