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Marvel Legends House of X / Powers of X Official Images including Tri-Sentinel BAF

Here’s a look at all the Marvel Legends House of X / Powers of X wave of action figures including the wave’s build-a-figure or BAF, the Tri-Sentinel.

This would be based on the awesome House of X and Powers of X books written by Jonathan Hickman with Pepe Larraz which redefines the X-Men and the rest of the mutants in the new world and beyond. The story spans the early days of the X-Men and well into the future and depicts how mutants will always be the oppressed individuals no matter what Moira McTaggert does.

House of X Wolverine

Wolverine will be getting two headsculpts, both masked. One is the present version and another one is based on the Powers of X appearance where he’s part of Apocalypse’ version of the X-Men. It’s a must have for Wolverine fans and collectors who want to have his current costume in their toy shelves.

House of X Cyclops

Cyclops also gets a brand new costume which we see in House of X # 1 when he steps out of the Krakoan gateway to meet and talk with the Fantastic Four who has apprehended Sabretooth after him, Mystique and Toad stole something from a defunct SHIELD installation. This is also another great addition to your Cyclops figures collection if you ask me.

House of X Jean Grey/ Marvel Girl

Rather than getting a new costume like her lovers, Jean Grey opted to return to a classic costume and her classic Marvel Girl handle. She’s got the green dress and the mask. Even with her affiliation with X-Force, Jean still wears the Marvel Girl costume proud.

Charles Xavier

To date this is the second Professor X figure from Hasbro and third if you consider the Toybiz Marvel Legends line. I like the all black onesie and that telepathic effect that comes along with it but the frame’s too skinny IMHO.


I see Magneto, I auto buy. Plus, its about time we got the modern white costume. Wouldn’t hurt to have the black version as well though. You hear me Hasbro???

Omega Sentinel

In this wave, it looks like Karima aka Omega Sentinel has the most accessories. Two headsculpts and several arms (not to mention the Tri-Sentinel BAF) this looks like a good pick. Also we sorely lack female baddies in the X-Men Marvel Legends section so having her is a welcome reprieve.

Moira X/ Moira McTaggert

Hey, Moira comes with a removable lab coat. That’s actually neat although I’m not too keen on removable stuff like this. The goal though is to recreate that scene from HoX and PoX where Moira keeps meeting Charles for “first time” after getting killed over and over again. What we want in the future is that Moira from PoX where she’s the Akkabba or that important figure that Apocalypse even had to fight a bunch of Nimrods just to save.

Build a Figure Tri-Sentinel

HasLabs’ Sentinel will never be mine due to the sheer price tag on that but hey, at least we get a killer new Sentinel along with the entire wave.

I’d like to see more of the modern / Day of X/ Reign of X X-Men figures down the line and maybe even the chimera X-Men from the future like Rasputin. Hope we get that someday.

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