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Closer Look at Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s Kamen Rider GENM

We love Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and we can’t get enough of these episodes. It’s fun and bubbly and at the same time its got dark overtones here and there. But more importantly we love it to death because of the video game influence it has. So today, we look at finer details for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid‘s KAMEN RIDER GENM form.


(above) closer look at Kamen Rider GenM’s Level 2 form. Weapons look extremely cool. Not too flashy but cool. Also translates well to toys (which both kids and man-kids love)

Check out Genm’s bike as well. I kinda remember somewhere stating that GenM will be the sports video games and you can clearly see that that is indeed the case. I’m loving the bike.



The GenM form looks spikier than usual. We like the appeal and the use of the dark colors definitely veers away from the cutesy KR we know and love. Even the LVL 1 form for Ex-Aid looks spikier. The wheels will play a big role in fights much like how Kamen Rider Drive used those wheels to kick Roidmude ass.


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