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Death of X # 3 Spoilers – Cyclops’ Plan, Magneto’s Threats and Crystal’s Folly

So we’re continuing our coverage for Marvel’s Death of X miniseries with this Death of X # 3 spoilers post. The book is still by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule with the so-far impressive artwork of Aaron Kuder.


That’s a very fucking metal cover.

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So without anymore delays, lets get going with Death of X # 3 spoilers! We pick up with what happened in Madrid, Spain. Where the Inhumans and the X-Men try to stop the Terrigen cloud from entering the city. This was spurned by the global psychic trasmission that Cyclops has done announcing the Cloud as being deadly for mutants and teases a potential for the same thing to happen to humanity.


Problem was during the mission, the new Inhuman Daisuke (aka Downer) was ordered to use his sleep powers to knock the entire city out, not just the fearful rioters but also the X-Men responding to the chaos. And while the young Inhumans celebrate their “win” Gorgon tells Crystal that there will be hell to pay.

Back in Muir Island, Emma Frost finishes up her talk with Magneto, who also deploys to Madrid.


The former Hellfire Club White Queen also informs Magneto that if he is not interested in helping the mutant race, she could always reach out for the Hellfire Club.  With that done, she checks back on Scott Summers.


So what exactly was Cyclops’ plan? We still don’t know but it did require a mutant named Alchemy who would play an important role for Cyclops’ masterplan.


Back in Madrid, shit hits the fan as Storm wakes up from Daisuke/ Downer’s “attack” and finds what she initially thought are dead X-Men.


Thankfully O5 Angel wakes up and Storm realizes that everybody’s just passed out. So while the Inhumans are celebrating their victory cosmic, Black Mirror powered Angel appears and tells them that the X-Men and the Inhumans need to talk.


… and the X-Men make a grand entrance.



Bobby Dake picks a fight with the Inhuman Grid and posturing begins. Crystal tries to calm everybody down but Downer attempts to use his powers once more to calm the fuck out of the X-Men.


That doesn’t happen as Magik suddenly teleports in and kidnaps Downer.


Now it seems that the mutants are in the wrong and the tables have turned. The Inhumans demand to know what happen to their teammate and Ororo’s team are wondering what just happened as well. Before it escalates any further, Magneto arrives in a dramatic way.



Being a mutant supremacist, he also issues threats against the Inhumans considering he just crossed a line, opening a war between two of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful species.


In another part of Spain, we catch up with Magik who still has unconscious Downer. We find out that Cyclops has followed the Terrigen Cloud and is preparing to do something about it with the help of Emma Frost, the Stepford Cuckoos, Sunfire, Magik and Alchemy. Before that however, Scott gives a pep talk and recruitment talk to the young mutant Alchemy as this is a suicide mission after all.



As a fan I’m investing emotions in this book again. It’s still a long road to X-Men and X-Men Gold or even IvX for that matter but Lemire and Soule are doing OK with their story. Last issue coming out soon, don’t forget to buy the book either in physical form or digital form. I’m getting the trade when it comes out though.

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