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Civil War II # 6 Spoilers

Storytime once again featuring Civil War II # 6 Spoilers. Book was written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by David Marquez


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So it looks like we’re almost through with this story (finally) as battle lines are once again drawn, loyalties shift and it could be another disassembling of the Avengers in this issue.

This issue picks up again where we last left off. Immediately after seeing the vision given by the Inhuman Ulysses, showing Spider-Man (Miles Morales) killing Captain America (Steve Rogers) on the steps of Capitol Hills, Captain Marvel decides to call for a cease fire.


Then the dragging argument about being proactive and letting the future take it’s course resumes once more between Captain Marvel and Iron Man (Tony Stark)…


Rogers decides to step in because he is involved in this, it’s his dead body that got flashed in every hero’s brains after all.


There’s a moment there that is cheesy but still passable (because Bendis) and its that scene with Cap asking why Miles removed his mask.


Of course Cap also asks what his would-be-murderer wants, to which Miles answers he just wants to leave the area.


So Tony arranges for Thor (Jane Foster) to remove Miles from the scene, while Carol looks on, wanting to stop them from taking away a potential threat.


The former Ms. Marvel also gets held down by the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, who also happens to be Miles’ friend and teammate in the All New Avengers.


All this drama gets interrupted with the appearance of SHIELD and Maria Hill who wants to arrest all the Team Tony heroes for ruining the Triskelion…


Conveniently, and miracle of miracle, Black Panther steps in and announces his defection to Stark’s camp.


This little scene gives Doctor Strage ample time to cast a teleportation spell for Tony’s allies, including Panther.


Danvers calls in the Inhumans to track down the fleeing heroes but they decide to leave the battle as well…


Thor and Spider-Man get far away from the Triskelion when Miles decides he wants to be left alone.


We get this one page featuring Miles Morales breaking down after what he just saw and what just happened. Props to Bendis for at least giving us a good character moment for the former Ultimate Spider-Man.


Menwhile back in New Atillan, the Inhumans face a situation we call “shit hits the fan” as Ulysses begins to unravel.


The page doesn’t say much BUT its pretty obvious how this is going to go down. Maybe Stark will go out taking down Ulysses when he gets his “monster form”.

There’s also a nice character moment with Team Cap where Peter Quill aka Star-Lord lets Danvers know that he thinks she’s right with what she’s doing. Then it ends with a hugging portion much to the dismay of Peter’s wife Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat of the X-Men (who has a really sucky hipster costume).


Awesome Facial Hair Bros Return

We also get the return of the “Awesome Facial Hair Bros” with that panel featuring Doctor Strange and Iron Man, back at the one of Nick Fury’s secret base.


Yeah that really happened.

So anyway, we have an entire page in this Civil War II # 6 spoilers post featuring the first interaction between new Iron Man Riri Williams who will be going under the alias Ironheart soon with the younger members of the Avengers namely Nova, Ms. Marvel, Cyclops and Kate Bishop.


There’s a few more pages where we see Captain Marvel moping in the Triskelion and gets comforted by Jean Grey, Storm and Maria Hill but we skip that because nothing really important happens there…

Oh wait, they kinda reference Black Panther as being a tool and asked Storm why she married that guy.

That gets interrupted with the reveal that Spider-Man was spotted in Washington DC, in the same place where he saw himself with the corpse of Steve Roger with his shattered shield.


I dunno, this issue was better than the last one but can’t say that I’m pleased overall. Maybe as they wind down the story and when it hits the climax I’ll get to appreciate it more.

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